Calabasas California Room Additions

Adding Another Room To Your House – Calabasas, California Room Additions

Two main ways of planning a room addition to your Calabasas California house are horizontally & vertically. The Type of room addition is mostly dictated by the kind of addition you’re going after. Most of the time kitchen additions go out, meaning you’re making an addition to your house horizontally. Building onto your home, not really adding another story / floor. Nevertheless, there’s always more than one way to design a Calabasas California room addition project. When designing your project we always take your needs & wants into consideration. Whether you want to build out or build up we have the years of expertise and knowledge to accomplish the room addition you’ve planned exactly how you planned it. Delivering quality work that stands the test of time and beauty. Effortlessly adding new life and value to your home!

2nd Story Room Additions and Adding Another Floor To Your Home

If you don’t really want to add to the footprint / space of your Calabasas, CA house – or can’t due to environmental constraints – but still want to add another room to your house (family room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc) you can always build up. Adding another floor / story to your home is a beautiful way to get around outside space limitations while adding to the aesthetics & value structure of your home. We take into consideration every detail needed for this addition – making sure we reinforce & strengthen your walls and foundation in order to support the newly added weight. We build your new addition to perfection while complying with every building code to ensure safe living for all of our clients. Here at Mega-Builders Inc. we make sure to keep all of your needs in mind when designing and during construction of your Calabasas California room addition project.

Room Additions: Repurposing Current Space & Renovations

Additionally if there is unused space in your Calabasas home that you would like to build out into another room – that dream is easily accomplished with Mega-Builders Inc. Whether your idea is remodeling an unused room or renovating existing roof space to gain new living quarters, your dream is easily accomplished by Mega-Builders Inc. with our 21yrs of experience performing Calabasas California room additions. We remodel any unused space or construct the additional room idea you have – making your dream a reality. Giving you a one of a kind house & room by the end of the experience.

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