When Should Roofing Be Replaced?

by MegaB | Sep 19, 2017 | blog post |

Imagine: on a nice summer day, just tending to your beautiful backyard garden looking at your custom built koi fish pond, and you notice…. Obscurities on your grass.. What it could to be??? Only to realize it’s material falling from your roof; or you either never realize (as most people don’t) and continue life with this question unanswered. But the problem still persists.

Let us help you before it gets worse. Your roof needs to be replaced! Most people don’t even know that this is a common issue. Roofing, like anything else, ages and needs to be replaced after a while. A roof starts to age after 10 years; despite modern roofing materials being are guaranteed to last 30 years.


Many factors go into early aging of your roof sadly. Climate being the biggest culprit of them all! High wind speeds, and heavy rains.. roofing’s worst nightmare. Creating tares in your material allowing for gutters & leaks to form.

Luckily (more unlucky than lucky actually) leaks are the top signs of a grandpa roof. During rainy days you’ll start to notice spots and stains diminishing the look of the ceilings in your favorite rooms. A good sign of telling when your roof really starts to get old – it allows enough rain water in to the point where you have actual leaks….. not just water stains.

Being that the roof is our first defense to moody weather, we as home owners need to start checking our roof more often. At the very least it should be inspected by professionals once every few years.

Just as we clean our house on the inside we need to make it an effort to clean our roofs. We often forget even the exterior goes into having a home that makes all your friends jealous; as the exterior is the first part of your home they see. Make sure it’s spotless and free of all leaves & debris. On the other hand, regular roof cleaning has an added benefit: gives you the upper hand on roof age as you become more familiar with your roof – making you able to spot any subtle changes.

All in all, there are 2 main kinds of roofing projects that your house may need:

Complete Remodel: completely taring off your roof. Then adding in new plywood and roofing materials.

Subtle Renovation: When it’s only certain areas of your roof that need fixing. A tall tale sign of subtle roofing renovation – when a small area of your home starts leaking. 

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