When it comes to home improvement and making additions to the home many opt for adding another bedroom or dining room; overlooking that an added bathroom brings in more convenience & can prove as a highly valued asset should you ever decide to sell.

and…. we’re here to tell you about it!

1. A Bathroom Addition Offers Your Own Private Bathroom

 ….This is obvious but just ride with us on this one.

When in consideration of a home improvement don’t over look adding an additional bathroom.


Depending on the size of your family & how popular you house is in your friend circle – adding a new bathroom may be one of the best house additions you could ever perform. Simply put, by doing so you create your own personal bathroom (assuming you don’t already have one… Master Bathroom anyone?), and relieves congestion during a “rush hour”.

1.1 A Guest Bathroom

You can create a designated bathroom to be used whenever you have guests spending the night at your house.

Let’s say you’re not “ALL” the way comfortable with people using your everyday bathroom that either just you or your family uses. So why not create a bathroom inside the guest room or close by for easy access? By doing so, you keep your main bathroom just for your own personal use.

Now, you know all that goes on in your main bathroom and the cleanliness will never be a question you have to worry about ever again.

WOOHOO! Checkmate!

1.2 Creating Bathroom Just For The Children

Let’s just say we all know how children can be a little on the wild side… Or your children may be the ones more accident prone.

Have any fragile decoration in your bathroom? Yea us too

Has any of that decor ever been broken by children just having fun? Yea… Tell us about it….


Give the kids their own bathroom! With nothing fragile in sight you never have to worry about anything breaking. At the same time making them feel like the big boys & girls by having a something they can call their own.

An added bonus: teaches your kids early on about cleanliness. Giving them their own room to be in charge of when it gets dirty…… and secretly keeping your own bathroom all the more cleaner (WIN WIN)

1.3 Adding A Master Bathroom!

With this one we’re going on the reverse side… Instead of making an additional bathroom to be used by others, you can create your own master bathroom to be used by yourself.

Why not leave the old bathroom for everyone else & create a whole new bathroom just for yourself???

Or we can take it a step further and create His & Her bathrooms.

Alluding back to the introduction of this blog post – you effortlessly create a space you can call your own. where you have your own domain and can fully control everything that takes place inside “your world”.

2. An Additional Bathroom increases Your Home’s value

Adding additional bathrooms to the house brings in a considerable bump in the value of your home!

Whether you consider renting your home in the future or out right selling – buyers love having multiple bathrooms in their homes. Multiple bathrooms as an added feature can be just what it takes to push buyers towards a yes – choosing your property over another.

In terms of monetary value, aside from making your house sell faster, an additional bathroom adds about 67% of it’s initial cost to the overall value of the home – sfgate.com

Which is over looked as you more than likely, will not be adding a 2nd bathroom just for the sake of selling. You will sit on it for a couple years – as you’re adding the bathroom for your own pleasure. Later on when you do decide to move you can be assured that you can grab a little bit more money for your house than previous estimates.

3. Half bathrooms

What would you do if we told you, you can have your own in-house getaway… Your own high luxury & exquisite spa?

By adding a new bathroom you can..

On one hand, you can leave your original bathroom as your “heavy duty” everyday bathroom & create an additional half bathroom with just a tub. On the other hand, turning the new addition into your own in-home luxury zone. Becoming a gateway to escape from your everyday life.

On those long and stressful work days you need to be able to come home and leave work at work. A half bathroom turned spa effortlessly allows you to do just that. Come home and unwind. Submerging yourself in a calm and relaxing bubble bath with low light fixtures, soothing music, sensual smells, and the soft flickering of candle lights will draw out any stress that may be lingering in your mind; leaving you with a soothed conscience.

This room effectively becomes your breath of fresh air whenever you just need to relax & seclude yourself from society. Whether you’ve had a hard day due to work or otherwise, you now have a way to let go.

Ahhh… I’m relaxed just thinking about it….

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